The Most Exciting Opportunity for European Boat Dealers in Decades

As a boat dealer you understand that boat owners aspire to own the best they can buy. You also know that giving people the ’wow’ factor, offering extensive options and delivering superb value for money, is what most buyers want.

That is why you should consider applying to become a registered dealer for Segue Yachts Europe.

As the Segue distributor for Europe, and further afield into the Middle East, Segue Yachts Europe are looking to partner with likeminded dealers who want to enhance their offering, increase their profitability and grow their business.

If this resonates with you, contact us, it will be good to talk.

Why Should You Become a Segue Dealer?

Becoming a dealer of Segue Europe luxury yachts offers so many benefits. These hand-built yachts, currently ranging from 47′ to 96′ are known for their exceptional quality, customisation options, the use of premium materials and equipment and value for money.

They have been manufactured in South America by the Segue family since 1974, almost half a century so they know what they’re doing. The latest range of yachts are designed by Corgo Yacht Designers, delivering the latest, sleek and high performing luxury motor yachts that compete equally with all the worlds luxury, premium brands.

The new range of Segue Yachts available include the.

  • X Class, the new flybridge yacht range
  • XS Class, new the Sports range
  • M Class, the new exclusive luxury range of motor yachts 70 feet and upwards.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons, some historic and some brand new, to become a Segue dealer.

Growing in a Growing Global Market

Next year sees the 50-year anniversary of Segue as boat designers and manufacturers and, being a pioneer of luxury motor yachts in South America, Segue is focused on opening up many new opportunities in this expanding global market.

The expansion of our production facilities and boat range is to satisfy our growing dealer network. From South and North America to Europe and Asia, many respected professional dealers in the motor yacht market are exploring the Segue Yachts brand and opportunities it brings.

The building of our new 3000sqm production facility in Argentina, with direct access to the water, will be dedicated to the manufacture of the brand new X4 and X3 range.

Hull number one of the new segue 68 Flybridge was launched this year and we’re now in production of the new Segue X4 Flybridge.

The all new X3 Flybridge, the new XS50 Sport HT and M8 Flybridge and the re- styled Segue 76 will be unveiled before the end of the season, in readiness to be ordered, built and delivered next year.

With Segue growing and expanding the opportunities for premium dealers is exceptional.

Segue Production Units

SEGUE YACHTS currently operates and produces in its 4 shipyards located in the San Fernando area of Buenos Aires, with a new site set to open in 2024. All shipyard-owned sites occupy a covered area of about 10 acres (40,000 m2). 

  • JUNIN I – Focus on the assembly and finishing of yachts from 50 to 100 feet, Headquarters for management and organisation. 
  • JUNIN II – Lamination site for larger models up to 100’, also includes the research and tooling of new models 
  • ALSINA I – Production of the sport line from 32 to 50 feet 
  • ALSINA II – Lamination site for the flybridge range 
  • LA ÑATA – A new site with direct water access is under construction and will begin operations in 2024. 

The Segue Heritage

The company was established in 1974 in San Fernando – Argentina, and since the beginning, Segue Yachts have earned the reputation for producing high quality yachts with a major focus on customer experience, customer service and customer satisfaction. The same is still true today, without compromise.

The Segue Yachts shipyard delivers total client satisfaction by creating the perfect union of craftsmanship and technology in every yacht that Segue builds.

Since its creation in 1974, the operation has been managed by its founder Juan Segue, as a vertically integrated company, Segue Yachts manufactures the majority of its components in house. This hands-on approach to design and manufacturing means we can retain complete control of quality.

With almost 50 years of woodworking craftsmanship, Segue delivers state-of-the-art joinery designed, built and finished by experienced craftspeople using exclusive materials to ensure consistent and lasting quality.

Segue is a Privately Owned Company

After building more than 1000 luxury yachts built so far, Segue Yachts has always been, and remains, a private company. Making this choice has been fundamental to the company’s development, as well as for building a trusted relationship between yacht owners and the shipyard.

Private ownership means business decisions can be made simply, there is no endless reporting, the strong long-term vision is focused upon and all the resources needed for the company’s growth are provided.

Segue have only ever depended on its own resources, which has been a demanding choice in the past, however, it has proven to be the right choice, as can be seen by the company’s results over the years. Despite turbulence many times in the world’s International financial markets, the company always enjoys a positive net financial position. There is no debt and Segue count only on private assets which guarantees that it can continue to plan its future successes with confidence and optimism. the major part of the revenue created by the shipyard over the last decade has been reinvested in the company’s growth and development of yachts, another example of the passion Segue has.

Segue Yachts is now led by the 2nd generation of family with Diego Segue taking over as CEO and Juan becoming Chairman. This ensures the evolution and growth of Segue going forward.

Prestige and Reputation

Segue luxury yachts have gained a strong reputation in the industry, predominantly in North and South America, where the vast majority of their annual builds have been bought. Known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, reliability and value for money, as a dealer, you would align yourself with a prestigious brand with a reputation for designing and building high-end yachts. This association enhances your own reputation in the boat market, attracting discerning customers seeking top-tier vessels.

Always Exceptional Quality

Segue yachts are hand-built by highly skilled, trained craftspeople. Many have been with Segue for decades and all are committed to excellence. And the highest quality.

By offering Segue Yachts to your customers you will provide them with a premium watercraft product that surpasses many of the industry standards. The use of the finest materials and equipment ensures durability, longevity, and reliability. You will be offering your customers a yacht that is built to last at a price that will deliver excellent value for them and superb margins for you as the dealer.

Full Customisation Options

One of the significant advantages of offering Segue yachts is the ability to customise each vessel according to the specific preferences and requirements of your client. And, it’s not just the larger models, it’s all models. From the hull colour right through to the positioning of the staterooms, ceiling heights, kitchen type, layout and colours, the woods used and so forth. This customisation capability allows you to help your customers create a yacht to ideally suit their individual style, layout preferences, and desired features. As a Segue dealer you can cater to the unique needs of your customers, providing them with a truly personalised yacht-building experience and really making them part of the buying process.

Diverse Range of Yachts

This is a very exciting time to be a Segue Dealer. The factory has increased the size of their manufacturing facilities to accommodate the launch of the new range of models.

Segue Europe offers a wide range of yacht models, ranging from 47ft to 90ft, covering both Sports yachts and Flybridge yachts. With Segue there’s something for everyone. This diverse portfolio will allow you to cater to your various customer preferences and market segments. Whether your customers are looking for a more compact luxury yacht or a higher performing, more spacious vessel, you can offer them a host of options and choices, ensuring you can cater to a broader customer base.

Strong Customer Support

As a Segue dealer, you will benefit from the support and expertise of Segue Europe and the Segue family factories. The company will provide comprehensive training if needed, sales support, marketing materials, and technical assistance to you as an official dealership. This support helps you enhance your sales efforts, improve customer satisfaction, and effectively address any technical or service-related issues.

We never forget that your success is part of our success.

Growing Market Demand

As you’ll probably have read in the boating press, the luxury yacht market globally continues to experience steady growth. There are an increasing number of people seeking exclusive experiences on the water and the luxury of these yachts caters to that need. By becoming a dealer of Segue luxury yachts, you can position yourself to tap into this expanding market. The reputation and quality of Segue yachts make them an attractive choice for affluent clients looking for a premium yacht and all the joys and benefits ownership brings.

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